Your Guide to Quitting Type 2 Diabetes and Living Without It!

This definitive guide tells the inspiring story of how one man conquered his Type 2 Diabetes. EX-Diabetic debunks the lies and myths about this epidemic disease, and about the drugs and diets used to "treat" and "manage" it; showing you instead how to QUIT it, simply by changing what you eat. Read on...

About the Author

Brian Wade Hitchcock

Brian Wade Hitchcock suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for more than fifteen years.
Like many Americans, he had Syndrome X (fat belly, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.)
Year after year, his doctors prescribed one drug after another.
Year after year, he kept gaining weight. He was severely obese.
Every morning he took nine pills. Every evening he injected himself with insulin.
But the drugs weren’t making him feel any better. He knew they weren’t fixing his diabetes.
His doctor told him to exercise, but walking half a block uphill left him panting.
He was depressed. He felt that he was just delaying a downward spiral to death.
Brian was desperate for an alternative.

In March of 2011, Brian Wade Hitchcock made a radical change, and began a new lifestyle.

  • By May, his blood sugar had dropped enough that his MD took him off insulin.
  • By September, his blood sugar & blood pressure were normal. He had quit ALL the pills.
  • By December, he had lost 70 pounds. He was happy, healthy, and felt ten years younger.
  • He had transformed himself into an Ex-Diabetic.

What did Brian do to kick his Type 2 diabetes? In this book, he explains how he accomplished this transformation. He demystifies and debunks the daily media deluge of disinformation about diabetes, dieting, digestion, and drugs. And he offers surprisingly simple principles, habits, and recipes you can use to become (and remain) an Ex-Diabetic.

Brian Wade Hitchcock grew up near Seattle. He attended Highline High School and the University of Washington, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He married in 1972, and became a father of twins in 1976. He has worked as a dishwasher, cook’s helper, painter, carpenter, locksmith, programmer/ analyst, copyeditor, and technical writer. In 2004 he and his (late) wife Barbara moved to Southern California. Mr. Hitchcock currently lives in Torrance, CA, with Maggie, his loyal watch-cat. They are planning a nationwide book-signing and cooking-demo tour.


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