Your Guide to Quitting Type 2 Diabetes and Living Without It!

This definitive guide tells the inspiring story of how one man conquered his Type 2 Diabetes. EX-Diabetic debunks the lies and myths about this epidemic disease, and about the drugs and diets used to "treat" and "manage" it; showing you instead how to QUIT it, simply by changing what you eat. Read on...

About the Book

This is the story of how I quit my Type 2 Diabetes. Also included is an A-to-Z guide to myths and realities about food, diet, diabetes, and drugs. Includes recipes, but no stupid rules, tiny portions or useless "meal plans". This book can change your life or that of your loved one.


Over 25 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes. Next to heart disease, it is the biggest killer in America.

Everyone in America knows someone who struggles with diabetes—your mom or your dad, your aunt or your uncle, your close friend, or maybe even you.

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on doctors, drugs, and diets to “treat” this “disease,” mostly without doing anything that actually heals or cures the condition, because the “treatments” (drugs) do not deal with the lifestyle that causes diabetes.

Existing mainstream books on diabetes focus on “living with” and “managing” the condition. This book shows you how to get rid of it.

This book is for you, if you are tired of the distortions and half-truths you hear from doctors, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, and diet “experts” about diabetes, drugs, food, and dieting. It is for everyone who wants to get off the carousel of fad foods, and the roller-coaster ride of useless diets and dangerous prescription drugs.

It will show you how to become an ex-diabetic, that is, how to quit type 2 diabetes quickly and permanently and how to live joyfully and carefree, without drugs, without “dieting,” and without diabetes.

I quit my diabetes in 2011, strictly through dietary changes. Immediately prior to that change, I weighed 275 lbs. I was severely obese. I was in horrible shape.

I was depressed. I was injecting insulin daily (as well as taking eight other pills a day—not only for high blood glucose, but also for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression).

After just seven weeks of my new dietary regimen, my MD took me off insulin. Within nine months, I lost a total of 70 lbs. and quit all the drugs, while becoming more active, healthier, and happier.

This book tells my success story, which can inspire you to change your life for good.

Ex-Diabetic tackles and debunks twelve common myths (about diabetes, diet, digestion, and drugs) that keep Americans sick, undernourished, and overmedicated.

It provides a comprehensive A-to-Z survival guide, an antidote to the glut of media misinformation about food, digestion, diets, and drugs.

After reading this book, you will

- understand how monolithic agribusinesses, mass advertising, and Big Pharma collude to hijack your digestive system and destroy your health, with manufactured “food,” false promises, and dangerous drugs;

- know over fifty names for sugar and be able to recognize and avoid this insidious, ubiquitous additive in any form, in any product, under any alias;

- be aware of the toxic side effects of drugs prescribed for diabetes and of the so-called remedies dispensed for other alimentary ailments such as “acid reflux” and “constipation”;

- understand that fat is not your enemy but that some kinds of fat are much healthier than others;

- be wise to the scam of “diet” and “low-calorie” foods, and the “zero-calorie sweeteners” they are laced with;

- know how to recognize and avoid artificial, manufactured, “diet” sweeteners in the food you buy; and

- know the difference between real food and fake food and between healthy food and junk food.

Ex-Diabetic includes recipes, but it is unlike any cookbook you have ever seen. As a self-taught chef, I have a different approach to the idea of a recipe. I don’t believe in measuring and counting; this isn’t that kind of a “diet.” I know that if you simply avoid the five foods that trigger the body’s diabetic response, and if you buy, cook, and eat only real food, you can then live by this liberating creed:

“I eat as much as I need, of whatever I like, whenever I want to.”

Other than that guiding principle, there are no “rules.” I do not count calories, fat grams, carbs, portion sizes, or anything else. That would take the fun out of cooking, and eating!

You don’t need to starve yourself.

You don’t ever need to go hungry.

You just need to work creatively, from a different palette (for the palate) than mainstream, fast-food America does. And you can.

Ex-Diabetic will help you adopt a simpler, more natural, healthier culinary lifestyle—whether you are diabetic or not. But if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, it just might save your life!

Order Ex-Diabetic today in a special locally printed Author's Edition for yourself or for someone you care about.


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About the Author

Brian Wade Hitchcock

Brian Wade Hitchcock grew up near Seattle. He attended Highline High School and the University of Washington, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He married in 1972, and became a father of twins in 1976. He has worked as a dishwasher, cook’s helper, painter, carpenter, locksmith, programmer/ analyst, copyeditor, and technical writer. In 2004 he and his (late) wife Barbara moved to Southern California. Mr. Hitchcock currently lives in Torrance, CA, with Maggie, his loyal watch-cat. They are planning a nationwide book-signing and cooking-demo tour.

What did Brian do to kick his Type 2 diabetes? In this book, he explains how he accomplished this transformation. He demystifies and debunks the daily media deluge of disinformation about diabetes, dieting, digestion, and drugs. And he offers surprisingly simple principles, habits, and recipes you can use to become (and remain) an Ex-Diabetic.

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